What is the Hedgerley Wood Trust?


The Hedgerley Wood Trust is a small UK charity based in Oxfordshire that uses innovative and traditional media to educate the public about worldwide problems relating to public health, society and the environment – like hunger, poverty, disease, the need for education, the impact on health of inequality, and the protection of the natural environment.

How did the Hedgerley Wood Trust begin?

The Trust was founded by Peter Armstrong and Anuradha Vittachi on 9 August 2013, in loving memory of the work and values of their youngest daughter, Boo Armstrong. Boo cared deeply about the health of people and the planet, and the Trust commemorates and sustains her vision.

Boo Armstrong’s inspiring life and work.

Is the Trust a registered charity?

Yes. UK registered charity number 1153322.

Please note: HWT is not a grant-giving trust.

What are the Trust’s activities?

Hedgerley Wood Trust Annual Report

Who governs the Trust?

There are three trustees. The founding trustees are Peter Armstrong and Anuradha Vittachi, and the third trustee is Emma Chown.
We share an interest in public and planetary health, equality, and how empathy connects people to one another and to the natural world.

  • Peter Armstrong
  • Anuradha Vittachi
  • Emma Chown

The advisory panel

The trustees are advised by a distinguished panel of experts.

  • Simon Maxwell
    Chair, Climate & Development Knowledge Network
  • Chris Robertson
    Co-founder Re-vision, educational psychotherapist specializing in ecopsychology
  • Dr Joe Smith
    Professor of Environment and Society at The Open University
  • Dr Ros Taylor, MBE
    National Director for Hospice Care, Hospice UK

How is the Trust funded?

It is funded by work done by the trustees, sometimes working with others, on behalf of the Trust. It will also accept donations, though it does not actively fundraise.

What is the Trust’s privacy policy?

The HWT Privacy Policy is available online.