Our Top Climate Documentaries

The Energy Internet

Governments are pouring trillions of dollars into subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, even though their dirty fuels are causing the climate catastrophe. But are clean renewable energies ready to power the world? Yes – with the Energy Internet. You may not have heard of the Energy Internet – but you soon will. It’s a beacon of hope as climate breakdown looms.

The full version is available on Amazon Prime and Google Play. This is an short version created for the run-up to COP26.


The Sequel

What will follow our troubled civilisation? Inspiring answers from the work of the ecologist, David Fleming. Around the world, fresh shoots are already emerging as people develop the skills, will and resources necessary to recapture the initiative and re-imagine civilisation, often in the ruins of collapsed mainstream economies. They are cultivating a resilience not reliant on the impossible promise of eternal economic growth; developing diverse, satisfying, convivial contexts for lives well lived.

The full version is available here. This is an expanded trailer that includes some of key people and arguments.

Costing Not Less Than Everything

The indomitable witness of the Revd Sue Parfitt. Already arrested 20 times for non-violent civil disobedience in the cause of climate justice, the Reverend Sue Parfitt now fully expects to go to prison for her faith as she prepares to take part in ‘Just Stop Oil’.

OneWorld to OneClimate

The 40-year story of innovation in digital media from a small cottage in Oxfordshire to a worldwide network. Today it focuses on supporting communities in the struggle against the climate emergency.


Young people calling out world leaders to take the climate emergency as seriously as they do.


The world’s first live documentary, RIVERCIDE set out to discover who is polluting Britain’s rivers and why nobody is stopping them. Presented by journalist George Monbiot.

Bicester Die-in

A small group from Christian Climate Action aim to shock passing shoppers at Bicester Shopping Village with their protest on the climate emergency. “We are the last generation who can make a difference.”