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Our Top Climate Documentaries

The Energy Internet Governments are pouring trillions of dollars into subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, even though their dirty fuels are causing the climate catastrophe. But are clean renewable energies ready to power the world? Yes – with the Energy Internet. You may not have heard of the Energy Internet – but you soon will. It’s […]

Key Metric Campaign

Campainging for our Planet’s Life and Death Metric To achieve public support for the urgent transition we must achieve in the next 3 years, we need a visible measure of success. Are we decarbonising in time? Has the deadly upward curve starting turning down yet? We should be looking for the answer every day and […]

Meaning It – COP26 without the blah, blah, blah

Throughout the fortnight in November 2021 in Glasgow, Anuradha Vittachi was reporting on the COP26 Climate Summit. Each night’s ‘Meaning It’ programme featured a different guest exploring key aspects of the negotiations underway inside the COP.Monday, November 1 Prizewinning science journalist Mark Lynas talks to Anuradha about the Climate Vulnerability Forum, a global south coalition […]


#MyBbitYourBit This will be your chance to influence the vital decisions made at this year’s Climate Summit in Glasgow. Tell them how you’re doing your bit. Then you’ve got every right to challenge them to do theirs. Just put it your bit and their bit in a video and your message will jump right into […]

Building Back a Greener Future

A new initiative from the Climate Parliament – running virtual roundtables bringing together politicians, entrepreneurs and civil society to turn visions into reality.  

Empathy Media Live with XR

This week we have been attempting close to all-day live coverage of the Extinction Rebellion around the world. We’ve been linking to as many of the actions being live-streamed each day as we can, and inviting responses from guests who join us live. One of the most powerful actions of the week as George Monbiot’s […]

Deep Time Walk in Hedgerley Wood

If you have ever been on the Deep Time Walk, you will know what a profound sense it can evoke of the unhurried evolution of life on Earth throughout virtually all of its 4.6 billion years. Even bacteria, the first forms of life, didn’t appear for a billion years. Dinosaurs only appear as the end […]

International Climate Conferences Without Flying

Year after year the UN Climate Conferences, the COPs, face the same contradiction. In order to help solve the climate crisis delegates will once again fly from all over the world, emitting thousands of tons of greenhouse gases. Two steps backwards for every step forward. And this at a time when there are more and […]

Everything you wanted to know about electric cars

Are EVs right for you? And are they right for the environment? A fascinating presentation by Anthony Simpson, Research Associate (Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles), University of Reading. A meeting of Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth, December 2019. Interesting to compare this with my first outing to explore the possibility of getting an […]

10 Tips for Reporters

Daniel Nelson, long-time international journalist and News Editor at OneWorld UK offers 10 very practical tips for anyone wanting to submit stories to news sites like OneWord and their partners in Sweden.

Energy Internet

Is this an answer to global warming that we’re missing? What do you think? This is a short taster for a documentary coming soon on a new campaign by Nick Dunlop and the Climate Parliament    

“The Seed Beneath The Snow”

<img src=”https://www.flemingpolicycentre.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/filming-1.jpg” alt=”David Fleming on Hampstead Heath, June 2010″ width=”490px” /> As film-makers we’ve been set a fascinating challenge – can we bring to life a set of ideas that could prove crucial to the future of our society? How can we do justice to the legacy of the unique writer, economist and ecologist, David […]

The Seed Beneath the Snow

What do you make of this? The topic could hardly be more urgent: our common future and how to survive it. We’re opening up for collaboration a major new documentary about the unique vision of the radical economist, David Fleming. This is the first of a dozen tasters for your feedback with ideas, events and […]

What not to say to someone bereaved by suicide (and what to try instead)

Supporting someone bereaved by suicide is really difficult. It’s so easy to say the wrong thing and hurt them even more. Even healthcare professionals find it exceptionally hard, but at least they have training courses to help them. (Well, some do.) Empathy Media made 3 training videos for UK professionals, fostering active learning. Each video […]

Oceans of Plastic

A summer evening with the Green Drinks crowd at Long Crendon, for a great presentation by Will McCallum of Greenpeace. He told a shocking story of just how bad the plastic pollution of our seas has become and how Greenpeace is campaigning to turn the tide.

Green Drinks Group Talks Electric Cars

Green Drinks is a group that meets in the Oxfordshire/Bucks borders to discuss all things green – as well as sharing a drink or two. This month the topic for discussion was electric cars – the joys and pitfalls of owning a Renault Zoe, and a new e-car sharing scheme in Oxford. Karen Dauncey introduces […]

Managing Fossil Fuel Decline

Barry Gardiner MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade & International Climate Change in the UK, makes the case for the urgency of ensuring a smooth transition in revaluing the stranded assets of fossil fuel companies. These are the assets that the companies claim represent the value of the oil and gas they have […]

HWT Annual Report 2015-16

In the twelve months from August 2015 to August 2016 the Hedgerley Wood Trust has once more achieved all its learning objectives this year: enabling the public, and/or relevant professionals interfacing with the public, to deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills of topics outlined in our mission statement. HWT: • Covered the 2016 Paris Climate […]

Green Drinks at Hedgerley Wood

On 9th September 2016, 24 environmentalists from neighbouring villages gathered at Hedgerley Wood for an evening that had ‘inspired and given hope, at last,’ – as one of them put it – ‘that the world can still be saved from climate catastrophe’. Their inspiration and hope sprang from a game-changing idea proposed by Nick Dunlop, the visionary founder of […]

Is Facebook anti-empathy?

Important for our empathy debate: The United States ambassador to the UN Samantha Power says your Facebook feed is keeping you from making the world better. It’s here.

Yes to Life – the cancer revolution

Suddenly immunotherapy (looking to the body’s own immune system to tackle cancer) is becoming all the rage, with articles like this one in the New York Times. And a new book, The Cancer Revolution, just out from the charity Yes2Life, describes how they have been working with this approach for a decade now, as they […]

Dr. Lucie Wilk Live at TedX Aylesbury

Dr. Lucie Wilk, argued that how we feel about ourselves, and the power we have over our own destiny, can affect even our health. Lucie is a medical doctor and a novelist and she is able to tap into both of these experiences to improve patient care.  

Roy Bailey Live at TedX Aylesbury

At the 2015 TedX Aylesbury event, Roy Bailey talked about his passionate socialist beliefs, sang his favourite folk songs and invited audience participation. Roy was described by Tony Benn as “the greatest socialist folk singer of his generation.”  They toured together in a remarkable two-man show. He was awarded an MBE in 2006, but returned it in protest […]

Climate Health Check

Why the ‘old story’ of climate change must remain the new story, not least in the context of human health which it profoundly threatens. Professor Hugh Montgomery makes a powerful case in his Climate Health Check, delivered at the 2014 CleanMed conference in Oxford. After his talk he spoke to Anuradha Vittachi about why he […]

We called it ‘ecoCasting’

We were excited in the noughties about the power of livestreaming. We called our version of it ‘ecoCasting’ because it represented participation in events without the carbon cost of travel – particularly flying. Here’s a taste of some of the events we covered live.  

Mosaic Earth Backstory

“It’s possible to develop a sustainable future for this planet, but it needs all of us to get involved” Kumi Naidoo, Director, Greenpeace  Mosaic Earth is coming of age. Mosaic Earth and her daughter Mosaics are en route to becoming a creative, empowering way to generate and empower individuals and communities everywhere to become visible, find […]