Malaria, Movies and the Passions of Richard Curtis

This week saw the first UK showing of the powerful new movie – Mary and Martha. Written by Richard Curtis, it stars Brenda Blethyn and Hilary Swank as two mothers brought together by the personal tragedy of malaria who go on to fight an obscenity that still today kills more than half a million children every year.

Why is Richard – best known as an acclaimed comedy scriptwriter – so passionate about this issue?

Catch if you can this week on the BBC iPlayer.


And to find out more about malaria and how you can help –

Plus Red Nose Day is back again all evening on Friday 15th March. Comic Relief supports many projects devoted to tackling malaria. You can get fundraising ideas and much more here –

and don’t miss these follow-on stories:


Jo and Harry’s Story – The true story behind Brenda Blethyn’s role as the mother turning tragedy into opportunity – from the woman who has lived the whole journey for real.

Can malaria be conquered? – answers on what we can all do from the Director of Malaria No More UK, James Whiting.

Picture credits: BBC, European Parliament, Brad Ruggles and Marc Louwes.

Producer Peter Armstrong, Camera Daniella Clark.

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