British boxing champ takes on Anuradha – in the ring and on climate change

Chris Fensom, who was crowned British Light Heavyweight (MMA) boxing champ this November, is very, very tall. Hence his nickname ‘The Giraffe’.

Together with his follically-challenged friend Daren Headley, aka the Slaphead, he interviewed Anuradha Vittachi, founder of OneClimate, about climate change.

The pair run a series of popular podcasts, The Slaphead and The Giraffe, usually bantering about lighter topics. But this time they raised serious and vitally important questions, most of them sent in by the podcast’s fans. Like: Is there a connection between climate change and the rise of extremism?

The whole of their encounter wasn’t so serious. After the interview, Chris took on Anuradha – who is all of 5-foot 1-inch tall – in a thrilling championship boxing match.

Did Chris manage to retain his crown? To see the startling results, watch this brief and hilarious video.



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